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Freedom House

July 10th, 2016|0 Comments

This past year was a year of change, growth, learning and lots of […]


June 3rd, 2015|0 Comments

Repairs minor imperfections
If you have a slight imperfection in your teeth, bonding can be a […]

3-Unit Bridge Procedure

June 3rd, 2015|0 Comments

Three-unit bridge replaces missing teeth
When a tooth is missing, a three-unit bridge can be a […]

Advantages of Indirect Resin

June 3rd, 2015|0 Comments

It used to be that we primarily used silver amalgam to restore damaged or decayed […]

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Tracy’s Adventures

January 7th, 2015|0 Comments

Another year come and gone.  2014 was a great year for me but 2015 is […]

“I am having to get use to smiling with my mouth open again.”

December 30th, 2013|0 Comments

My right front tooth became more crooked with age.  I considered braces.  After talking with […]

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Emergency Dental Care

April 9th, 2013|0 Comments

Emergency Care Info

Emergency dental care is an important part of our patient services. Dr. Kote […]

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April 8th, 2013|0 Comments

Here are some funny comics…

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Our Views

April 8th, 2013|0 Comments

Here is another fine view from one of our seats…

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My Teeth Feel Fine, Do I Still Need To See A Dentist?

April 5th, 2013|0 Comments

Your teeth may feel fine, but it’s still important to see the dentist regularly because […]